Testimonials & Success Stories

“Rufus and Lisa from D-FORCE for LIFE came to our after school program to introduce a unique and fun way for the whole family to workout together using water bottles. Their workout routine was child friendly, simple and fun! Parents, counselors and children had a blast working out together! We finished off this family event with a healthy potluck party. Not having candies and traditional sweets typically found in a party didn’t phase the children. They indulged themselves with lean protein, hummus, fresh vegetables and fruits.”

Samantha Montes, M.Ed.
Beyond The Classroom Afterschool Program
“…I am being 100% honest when I tell you that Rufus saved my life.”

Rick Gart
“Rufus Dorsey will help motivate you to take control of your diabetes. He helps put you in the driver’s seat and helps you make the right choices. Go for the Force…”

Francine R. Kaufman
MD Pediatric Endocrinologist

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